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"I cannot be bothered with the hassle of acquiring blog software to do all the funky things I see on blogs. So, instead, you get a stripped-down, boring version."

That was then (about a month ago) and this is now. I've discoverd that posting static html pages for your blog is a pain, therefore blog software is an exceptional convenience. see Billblog for further ruminating. I don't forsee making the blog my entrance page anytime soon, so this is still the place to be to find my recent books and other such links.

16 May 2005

Arkaqua Trail & Brasstown Bald

Yesterday, Jenn and I joined the GATC for a wildflower hike along the Arkaqua Trail in the Brasstown Bald Wilderness area. This was highly educational from my perspective as my usual treatment of the plants around me on a hike is something like this. "Look! Green!" See the hiking page for more detail.

1 May 2005

May Day, May Day! Mom and Dad's Anniversary

Bill and Rozanne Ruhsam celebrated their 40th Anniversary today with the renewing of their wedding vows. Bill and Rozanne Ruhsam renew their wedding vows on their 40th Anniversary.

Forty years is a long time to be together with one other person. I can hope that Jenn and I will be together that long, and longer. Mom and dad have raised three children (and are raising a fourth) by providing a loving, supportive home from which we could all find ourselves. I was happy to be there for their fortieth, and I'll be sure to come back for the semi-centennial. (If they have a centennial, I'm begging off)

For an anniversary present, we unfortunately did not follow tradition and purchase the lucky couple a ruby. Instead they are going to several of the Birmingham Baron's baseball games courtesy of their kids. Enjoy!

20 April 2005

John Ryan: Man of the Fish

John really isn't a man of the fish; he's a man of the phytoplankton, as evidenced by his recent study of how the Monterey Bay Canyon affects the growth of microscopic algae (phytoplankton). He does his work at MBARI, otherwise known as the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. We visited him and his office way back in 1999, and had a nice tour of the facilities, including one of their remotely operated vehicles. Jenn and I enjoyed the tour, although I think it appealed to me more as I was geeked out around the ROV.


It has come to my attention through the services of my friend Brian Menyuk, P.E. that people are submitting fake comp-sci conference papers. I am wholly amused by this process. See the CNN story about SCIgen or better yet, check out the creators' website. Very very amusing.

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